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The United States of America remains at the top of the list of countries preferred by international university students. When trying to choose an US university for yourself, you must think about which area or state you wish to live in. Would you prefer to live on campus or in a vibrant city? Such questions hold more importance in the US university application process. SAT and ACT remain as crucial parts of the application file for US universities. If you are having problems deciding on what you wish to study, you may benefit from universities offering the “core curriculum”, where you do not have to declare a major for the first one or two years of your education. 

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The Scholastic Aptitude Test is a standardised, multiple-choice test that is central to undergraduate applications to North American universities. First administered in 1926 by the US firm College Board and changed into its “New” format in 2016, the SAT consists of four different sections that assess a students’ evidence-based reading and writing and mathematics skills.

In the paper-based tests Reading section, students’ reading comprehension skills are assessed through texts in Literature, Natural Science, History and Social Science. The Writing and Language section assesses knowledge of grammar and effective writing. The Mathematics sections question topics such as algebra, advanced mathematics, problems and data analysis. Students are allowed to use a calculator in only one of these sections.