Summer School

Summer School

Summer School Applications

When it comes to summer schools, option are plentiful. The duration of summer school programmes range between two weeks to two months. Students can choose to focus on developing their language skills, academic prepration, or pure entertainment. Thus, when planning for a summer school experience, it is crucial to identify the programme that will suit the student’s needs and preferences. At 360edu, we seek to shape our students’ summer school routes in a way that will aid their complete academic careers and personal development.



Universities offer academic summer programmes for both high school and university students. Through such courses, students can pursue or develop their academic interest, knowledge, and skills. They can also conduct research and experience what it is like to live at an international environment. Some higher level classes may count as college credit during university applications.


Language education is probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about summer schools. While the England, Canada, the US, Ireland and Malta remain at the top of countries preferred for language programmes, course subjects may range from Test-Prep to General and Business English.

Immersion Programmes

If you are planning on continuing your primary or high school education abroad, you can join a summer immersion programme, where you can get a taste of education at your destination county and its environment.